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A clear passion for the subject and depth of knowledge. Clear simple slides, easy to understand. C. Childs, ReAssure, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting


Very well presented, engaging and covers lots of interesting points which provoked thoughts such as understanding my own conflict style. Very interesting and thought provoking. Useful to have the extra resources provided. V. Moreleigh, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting


"Sean was a very helpful and insightful life coach… He allowed me to set the agenda so I always felt in control. He explains the process so you are never left in the dark and he constantly checks you are both on the same page. I found myself looking forward to the fortnightly appointment and Sean made sure I was comfortable enough to ask questions at any time. His books are a great source of helpful material to ensure you can chart and maintain your progress after the sessions are finished. Sean is an extremely compassionate person whose empathy and support ensured I dug deep to seek solutions. He is professional and polished whilst retaining a rapport and relationship. The whole experience was positive and empowering from start to finish." Lorna Farrell, Writer, Presenter, Activist, Comedian, Media Company, Glasgow

“On behalf of our staff team I want to thank you most sincerely for leading us so creatively and warmly this week. The whole team really appreciated the 2 days and the time has been most effective in helping [new team members] settle in and for all of us in developing our relationships.” Rev Adrian Argyle, Regional Minister, Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA)



“I have found this last two days to be helpful in releasing me into my new ministry , And also in the team building of our regional team. There has been time to reflect, laugh, listen to one another, share from the heart and be honest with one another. Sean and Catherine have a gentle sensitive leadership style which has been most helpful in facilitating a worthwhile training experience.” Alison MacKay Regional Minister, HEBA


"The overall impact of being coached by Sean is that I have a better understanding of the things that get in the way of my doing things I want to achieve. I have managed to achieve things that I have had difficulty with, having someone that you can talk to about what you want to achieve and knowing that they are genuinely supporting you is what I see and Sean. He has a passion that is obvious. Church Leader, Stoke-on-Trent

"Catherine astounded me with her questions that cut to the heart of my issues. Insightful and caring and understanding she helped me organise my disorganised, forgetful and chaotic working life.  She helped me take the shackles off my mind and see things differently in a number of important areas. I will forever be grateful for meeting her." Missional leader, Staffordshire.

"An insightful and inspiring workshop on the psychology and mechanics of comedy through the prism of Myers Briggs. Sean definitely knows his stuff and I would recommend this session to anyone interested in knowing whence their humour emanates and what makes a crowd laugh." Tony Vino, Professional stand up comedian and compare - Christians in comedy writers week, Wensleydale.


"Sean suggested working with Catherine to help mediate some tricky communication with a colleague. My colleague was initially skeptical but was wowed by Catherine's depth of expertise and we were able to resolve things -  a great result for everybody involved. Originally I came to Sean having tried to find a Christian business mentor for years but all leads going cold, he persuaded me to try coaching. I was apprehensive (having an irrational mental picture of a P.E. teacher telling me to get down and give him 20 didn't help). But Sean allayed all my fears. He got to the root of my business issues and helped me to knock them down one by one. I am now working better and have more joy and satisfaction in my job than ever before." Rachel, web design, fundraising and social media consultant,  London


"This course [Loved Called Gifted] tackles calling and gifts, not from a traditional view, but from the experience of being human. It is a genuine breath offresh air, challenging, stimulating, and above relational. Relating to myself, to others and to God. Its great, and really worth doing, freeing and releasing. Dare to be human, and to find your potential with God. Do the course!" Peter Mockford Vicar of Blurton & Dresden, UKCP reg Psychotherapist.



“There is a real sense that we understand each other better and have started to work more effectively as a team. It is  great and will really benefit you individually and as a group. It has the potential to improve your team efficiency.” Amy Wyatt, Assistant Pastor, Swanbank Methodist, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent



"The Leadership that Releases course is a fresh, stimulating and thought provoking approach to leadership issues and development. Its principles and ideas are grounded in the spirit of the New Testament, and provides a challenging response to the sometimes stuffy, traditional and institutional view of leadership that very often characterise many of our mainstream churches especially. It can be seen as a radical call to once again embrace spiritually sensitive and people centred  models of leadership. I recommend it." Vicar John Alessi, St Pauls Church Longton, Stoke-on-Trent



“We employed Catherine to facilitate a two day training and team building event for our senior management team. The facilitation and training were excellent and thought provoking.  Catherine enabled us to create realistic action plans to help move the organisation forwards.  I would not hesitate to use the service again. In fact, Catherine is now providing individual coaching to a number of our staff and we have seen positive changes in individual performance.  Highly recommended and excellent value for money.” Danny Flynn, Chief Executive, YMCA, Stoke-on-Trent     



"The two days of team perspective building were an invaluable induction for new members of the team and enlightening for all. Sean and Catherine  patiently guided us through the process and were generous in their sensitive encouragement. We will be looking to build on our shared experience and would be delighted to have Sean and Catherine involved." Alan Pike, HEBA


"I am a counsellor from Newcastle-Under-Lyme and I had the pleasure of attending a MBTI® workshop delivered by Sean Kennedy. I thoroughly enjoyed this introductory training which was part of a certificate level counselling course. This dynamic half-day workshop was delivered superbly by Sean and he utilised a mix of teaching, experiential exercises and group discussion. Sean immediately put everyone at ease, as he engaged the group with his informal style and humour. The group was made up of a mix of professionals, from students to service managers / leaders. Sean's knowledge and expertise in MBTI® was obvious and he was skilled at pitching the course to our level of understanding and learning. I was particularly impressed with how Sean naturally tailored aspects of the course to the group members’ individual job roles and settings. Sean answered questions fully and offered telephone and email support post-workshop. With Sean's support, the whole group grasped the MBTI® philosophy and usefulness. I would definitely recommend Sean to others." Garrath Ford BSc (Hons), MA, Cert, Dip Solution Focused Counsellor, Coach, Supervisor and Trainer



“We called Sean and Catherine in. They ran and organised two workshops for us as well as some individual coaching. All my initial fears were allayed. They put us all at ease quickly and soon my team went from skeptical to enthused. We're understanding each other better, especially how to get the best out of each other. Thank you! You have been a Godsend for me in the truest sense of the word. I think you are wonderful and one of the best suppliers I have worked with in the last 13 years.” Rachel, CEO, Web Design Firm, London 

My very good friend, Rachel Collinson, recommended her life coach, Sean to me... I'd started my own business, I approached Sean to be a business mentor for me. He walked me through 'StrengthsFinder' and showed me how to apply it to my work. He also coached me in conflict management which has resulted in much growth in my business, and personally has made me much more confident and assertive in work and my personal life. I now feel confident to set joint expectations, express my needs and plan meetings to navigate difficulty and create strategies to ensure the project moves on. He has helped me find routes and alternative routes for challenges and new projects and I have already recommended him to my friends and contacts. Katie Moritz, Artist and Marketing Consultant, London,


"Sean your questions were timely and thoughtful. You helped me process some difficult situations and experience some "light bulb moments," of great clarity. Your questions got to the heart of the issue and there were some clear, helpful, and illuminating challenges." Anne Danks, Church Leader, Zion Christian Centre, (now Foodbank Regional Development Officer for the Trussell Trust)

“Catherine’s training is thought provoking and very practical. We learned a lot together, but more importantly, after a morning with Catherine I could see my staff making changes and rethinking the way we work as a team.  Excellent value for money and highly recommended.” Liz Etherton, Centre Director, North Staffs YFC



"It's a wake-up call. Challenging but allowing the group to be where they are at. There is not all the pressure of doing… but 'being' is emphasised as an important part of our identity. There is a constant reminder we are deeply loved."   Rev Linda (Blurton, Stoke-on Trent)


Great practical tools I can keep in mind. This is one of the better conflict resolution [seminars] I have been to. P. Wood, Aga Rangemaster, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting


Well paced interesting perspectives on conflict management. D. Fletcher,  Protocol, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting


Sean was clearly passionate and knew his subject. A good use of my time…It will be useful at home and work. R. Eaton, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting


Good tools for dealing with conflict. I can see how these can be applied in my work situation. Denise, Practical strategies for managing and resolving conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting 

"The session on communication was particularly useful. Hire them -  They gave great insights into leadership." Simon, Student Minister



"They have given me a framework and some useful language in which to put things. For us, for whom changes a constant the U shape curve of denial to commitment is very useful…. A good mix of talk, discussions and exercises. Go for it!" Sue, Lay Reader, St Pauls, Longton



“I find this incredibly helpful to do the Myers Briggs test in order to understand my profile. I'm not sure if we all fit into every category but it seems to be very accurate. It is also helpful to know how  my colleagues tick. I hope we will be able to draw our strengths over the coming months. I appreciated the variety of activities with which we were asked to discover our personality.” Rev, Dave Ellis Regional Minister, HEBA

"Very interesting, challenging, thought-provoking and useful. Loved it!" James, Swanbank Methodist


"I really enjoyed the away day doing the MBTI. I appreciated the whole course and believe that everyone would benefit from doing it. Go for it!" Tony Moss, St Pauls, Longton



“I found the time to work on our preferred Myers Briggs personality type invaluable. I went on the two days really looking forward to learning lots about my teammates but to my great surprise I also learned a lot about myself. I find the whole process very affirming. At the end of the two days I had a much clearer picture of my strengths and other's strengths, and what roles each of us can best play within the team. I would highly recommend Refuel to others.” Gale Richards, HEBA


"Do it! Hire them! The course showed me how to act as a leader." Edward, Burslem Methodist.



"It was great to have the chance to try different techniques and look at myself and my life - to put skills in place in my life. Seriously it was brilliant! Challenging, encouraging, affirming and interesting. Thank you guys I've loved it and have learned a lot!" Lauren



"The talks and discussions and layout of the sessions were great. I've been able to recognise the importance of things like listening. Actually listening and hearing, trying to understand the other party and scratch the surface by asking some obvious questions and other questions help explore other options. Do it, it's totally worth it and eye opening."  Opelo, Gap year Student.



"Everything inspirational and thought-provoking… it's potentially life changing." Andy



"I realised I am a better person than I thought I was. I might even like myself a little better. If you want to go forward and open your heart and mind it's for you." Ann



"It's a very good course and worthwhile. It will help make you grow, but most important I think it puts you back in touch with yourself. it also has an effect on how you see yourself in God's eyes." Lesley



"It made me think deeper and in ways I don't usually think. It was step-by-step allowing me to see the process. I can use the same process in the future and resolve problems that may come up. Do it, it's scary, but very worthwhile. Even if you have a good idea if your gifting, and what God is calling you to do, there is still more to learn.” Mandy



“It was helpful to be taken through the Myers Briggs type indicator in such a way that it was easily understood. I have no doubt that it will be a positive foundation for the new team of heart of England Baptist Association to work together.” David Thompson, HEBA. 



“I absolutely dreaded these past two days, but can honestly say-despite the tears - I'm really pleased. I did it and I feel I've learned about myself and what others think of me:-) It will enable me to “speak out” and say what I think & feel in future. So many thanks!” Leslie Hubbell, HEBA


"The step by step approach and self assessment allowed a greater understanding of the questionnaire results.’

‘Brings a Christian approach to the personality type analysis.’

‘Gives a foundation to building a new team affectively’

‘A safe environment in which to understand ourselves better."John Levick, HEBA


"Thank you Sean, your comments are very challenging, very well expressed and insightful. You are skilled and possess much knowledge of the human mind. I am sure you will not be surprised that I am in total agreement with you. Thank you for your input and concern. Looking forward to seeing you again." Paul D.


“I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done Cath – through your sessions you’ve helped me tackle complex and life-changing situations, helped me to look at things a different way and uncovered some startling revelations which will truly stay with me.  I can’t thank you enough for the approach you took in the sessions.  You are an excellent coach.  You have a way with words and a calm, logical and thorough approach to issues which is extremely helpful.” Helen, Personnel Officer



"What the coaching session did was to formulate a template to which I am now working effectively…following the coaching session I am now better at what I do as a result of my greater productivity and focus. I am getting more gigs, writing more jokes and writing a book. The Myers Briggs work Sean did with me gave me a greater awareness of my strengths and my weaknesses. Far from putting me in a box it helped me identify areas for my personal development. I now have a far better understanding of the similarities and differences I have to others." Andy Kind Professional Comedian,



"Sean is passionate about coaching and about helping people to move forward. His enthusiasm and commitment makes me feel valued and my goals important. This in itself made it easy to commit to my actions making them more important and helping me move forward. Sean asks excellent questions. He is good at asking challenging questions when it’s needed. Sean works with a high degree of professionalism. I have confidence in his coaching." Church Leader,  Stoke-on-Trent 



"Having engaged in personality profiling twice in the past and finding it unhelpful and even threatening, it was with some trepidation that I engaged in the MBTI process with Sean. It was Sean’s starting point of aiming to encourage and develop working to personal strengths that made the whole exercise refreshing and encouraging. It was approached with care and a concern to help me grow in self-awareness, and develop my confidence. Through applying guidance and advice relevant to my particular personality type I was able to apply these effectively in my current situation with its different challenges and opportunities. Overall, it has been really helpful." Rev Marg Hardcastle 


"He has asked some very good questions that have made me think about how I do things and what I could do to move things on. It has not always been what I imagined but an eye-opener for me (bringing me clarity) as I would probably have resorted to the usual pattern of behaviour." Lorraine Palmer Partnership Adviser and Trainer, Remploy (Now turned Life Coach)



"Sean Kennedy is an inspiring and motivational life coach. As a Myers-Briggs practitioner, he worked with me to assess and develop the results from a personality test. During a difficult time, his prayer and support enabled me to find the resources to change direction. Thank you, Sean." Manisha - Frankfurt



"Thank you very much for a great conversation/coaching on Tuesday. I have been reflecting a lot since our discussion. Things that we talked about made connections with things that are happening currently in my life and those that happened in the past.  I have made time to think and talk to Raj.  I have realised these last few days I need to love myself and not just say it……I thank you for giving me your time and helping achieve this because it does really feel great within.  Its like as if I have created space with in me……Once again thank you." Raj, Coach and community worker, Wolverhampton



"I would like to thank Sean, without whom I would not have had the strength, courage and determination to succeed. Every now and again, in every walk of life, you meet someone who reaffirms your faith in human nature; Sean is one of these very special people sent by God." Natalie Simpson, Social Worker



"I had got myself into a position where I was beginning to doubt my own abilities and needed some encouragement to believe in myself again. Sean helped me improve my confidence which helped me secure an ideal job. With other issues I discovered that the so-called “obstacles” were not as obstructive as I had imagined. This made it easier to move forward with my action plan. Coaching enabled me to think clearly of practical solutions to the potential issues I was facing…helping me recognise how I would feel if the imbalance became a reality and gave me the encouragement to put the plan into place. The concerns I had didn’t feel as significant as they were before the coaching sessions. I really appreciated working with Sean is it helped me focus and make significant progress in several areas of my life." J Keane, Cardiff, South Wales



Having experienced Sean’s Myers Briggs workshop, I teamed up with Sean some time later to develop a co-coaching relationship as part of my continued professional development. Working with Sean was highly useful. Sean has an easy and natural style to his helping work. I enjoyed discussing coaching approaches and the development of coaching services within the local area. From a personal perspective, Sean helped me to fine-tune my future career direction and highlighted the importance of work—life balance. Sean is a natural listener and encourager, with a range of helpful tools to move people forward." Garrath Ford BSc (Hons), MA, Cert, Dip Solution Focused Counsellor, Coach, Supervisor and Trainer 



"Sean has a very warm and affirming manner, and through our coaching sessions he enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities, and motivated me to set achievable goals that have had a significant impact on my health and well-being.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sean to anyone as a highly competent life coach.” Carella Davies, Manager, Daventry Volunteer Centre.

“Sean was very knowledgeable … and has absolutely done a lot of research and worked with lots of people. The Thomas Killmann Conflict Mode Inventory helped me relate to my conflict with my son and my boss at work. It helped me realise how I can dominate in conflict situations [and in other situations] far too accommodating with authority figures.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)

Debra Beedle



“Thinking - Resolving - Therapeutic.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)

Pat Draper



“It was excellent. Lots of content and a lovely relaxed leader who helped the group take manageable steps through the topics. I learned a lot and found a lot of insight. It revealed a number of my flaws to me.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)




“Sean is experienced and passionate about his work… the Myers-Briggs material and the neuroscience was great.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)




“Breadth of Material available, clear explanations - skilful management of contributions. Gave me hope!” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)

David Greenwood



“Thank you very much…The course, venue, time group mix and content were great. I am more understanding and less fearful of conflict.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)




“I think it is always good to start with yourself and look at what can change/adapt/think/reflect on in and strategies/models you can use to resolve conflict. … You looked at conflict from participatory stance - not just as some passive victim without power. Gives you some control back. I loved the info on Myers-Briggs useful - both positives and challenges and also types of behaviour/defences people may use. I liked the cards that could be used with Adults and children that can help them understand themselves.” (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)




“The entire programme was great. I have added knowledge. Excellent course.”

(Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)



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