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Published April 2015  to critical acclaim. and we are really excited about it. This is a very fresh, Biblical approach to church leadership. Easy to read, thoroughly researched and warmly recieved, it is sure to inspire. Available from Amazon and other good book shops. Click here for more information.

Published October 2015 to critical acclaim.  What would it be like to have a deeper sense of motivation and purpose? Sadly few people know who they are, what they are good at, or what God is calling them to do with their life. They end up bored serving other people’s visions at work and church and wonder why they lack motivation and purpose. Loved, Called Gifted is full of information, resourses  and asks deep insightful questions that will help you find God's purpose and place for you in this world. Click here for more information.




What would it be like if you were able to set free the missional motivation already present in the people of your church? Mustard Seed Stories is a brand new resource by Catherine Cowell. It is a fresh and inspiring way to encourage ordinary people to engage in practical mission. Designed for small groups, but flexible enough to work well with a large congregation, it tells the stories of seven ordinary people who started where they were with what they had and saw God move. 


The mustard seed pack contains a DVD with all seven stories and a six session study guide. Each video clip is two or three minutes long and designed to provoke thinking and inspire action. 


The study guide for small groups uses the video stories as a jumping off point for thinking about how everone can engage in mission in our own situations. The sessions cover topics such as mission in the workplace, creativity and mission and mission in the community.


To download a free 7 minute video featuring all the stories, or to buy your copy, go to:  


Critically acclaimed books and resources that inspire and release potential

We have been doing a lot of thinking about Leadership and the Church over the last 20 years. What is working well? Whats's not? What can we do differently? The result is a series of books and DVDs for you and everyone in your church  that are sure to provide food for thought and positive motivation for change.

Church Uncorked:
Leadership that releases our potential
Catherine Cowell and
Sean Kennedy
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