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Loved Called Gifted resources



True self vs False self expanded version. Right click on icon to download PDF.




Chapter 12 calling questions with space to write. Right click on icon to download PDF.




Click here to see an example of a completed table of 'Things that give me life, things that are neutral and things that drain me.'  






Click here to see one of my messy calling drawings.






List of skills. Right click on icon to download PDF.





Communication tips to help make sure others take your ideas seriously. Right click on icon to download PDF.








Working out your first steps diagram. Right click on icon to download PDF.

Anchor 4


SGCS comedy performance coaching workshop




Calming the Storm 



Myers- Briggs Workshop Extras 

If you are still  confused about your Myers-Briggs type read this article:

Click here for a great article on how your type influences your leadership style     

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