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Personal Development, Team Development or Leadership Development


Developmental work can be hugely beneficial.  It has been for us!  It has helped us in our own personal and professional lives – saving us a lot of time, mistakes and heart ache along the way. It has certainly saved us from broken and damaged relationships. It has been an investment that keeps paying out significant dividends. Whether you are an individual wanting some personal input to help you progress, or you are a leader who often invests in others, we can help.



Better  understand  yourself  and  the  people  you  live  and work with 


Personal/Team/Leadership Development involves discovering more about yourself, your strengths, how you relate to others and in turn how they relate to you. It really helps improve your relationships and enables you to better bring out the best in others.  You become more aware and understanding of people and the impact you have on them.  

Leadership Development


Fed up with old fashioned hierarchical forms of leadership that are no longer working? Does your style of leadership grate against your values? We have much better, more effective, human friendly and Christ like leadership solutions. 

  • Discover new ways to lead

  • Discover your leadership strengths and blind-spots

  • Strengths based Leadership: learn to empower others by focusing on and developing their key strengths. Also retain staff and give them greater role satisfaction.

  • Learn how to really motivate people

  • Discover or reconnect with your original calling


And any of the personal development topics below that are interest to you:


Personal Development

  • Grow as a human being. Understand yourself, your own needs and preferences.

  • Discovering your life calling

  • Find new motivation

  • Find the best career for you

  • Build better relationships

  • Discovering your key strengths and abilities and playing to them more effectively

  • Understanding your behavior in a team context and the skills and abilities you specifically bring to the team.

  • Responses to stress

  • Increase your level of emotional intelligence

  • Manage conflict better and reduce it

  • Improve your communication effectiveness

  • Understanding how our personality affects our spirituality and roles within church (MBTI®)

  • Grow and develop spiritually. Find closer intimacy and connection with God.

Team Development

Team development can involve many of the above. We help you assess developmental needs and tailor make the right input.

We use insightful and effective tools

Depending on specific needs we can use a wide variety of positive psychological tools. Here are a few of the ones we are licensed and experienced in using:


 Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®). This is a powerful and effective personality tool with a very wide variety of applications.  Sean Kennedy is qualified to personality profile individuals and groups. 

 Kiersey Temperament style. This is a quick and simple, but very revealing tool for understanding personality and motivations. 

 DiSC (Powerful and inexpensive tool that helps us see our strengths and blind spots),

 Thomas Kilmann Conflict Inventory (TKI). Understand how you engage in conflict and how to reduce it.

 StrengthsFinder 2.0 (discovers your greatest mental talents).

Berens Interaction styles. How you interact and relaite to others and the world around you.

✔ Enneagram. One of the oldest and most profound tools it has a lot to say about your personality, strengths, motivations, fears and blindspots. Used by leaders, spiritual directors and coaches all over the world, it has deep insights that have the potential to bring about change and freedom. 


All these tools can reveal a wealth of positive, life giving , interesting and useful information about yourself that you may have never considered.

Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about personal and leadership development.








Increase Your

Self knowledge & Personal Effectiveness


Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator 


StrengthsFinder 2.0




"Having engaged in personality profiling twice in the past and finding it unhelpful and even threatening, it was with some trepidation that I engaged in the MBTI process with Sean. It was Sean’s starting point of aiming to encourage and develop working to personal strengths that made the whole exercise refreshing and encouraging. It was approached with care and a concern to help me grow in self-awareness, and develop my confidence. Through applying guidance and advice relevant to my particular personality type I was able to apply these effectively in my current situation with its different challenges and opportunities. Overall, it has been really helpful." Rev Marg Hardcastle


“On behalf of our staff team I want to thank you most sincerely for leading us so creatively and warmly this week. The whole team really appreciated the 2 days and the time has been most effective in helping [new team members] settle in and for all of us in developing our relationships.” Rev Adrian Argyle, Regional Minister, Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA)


"The Myers Briggs work Sean did with me gave me a greater awareness of my strengths and my weaknesses. Far from putting me in a box it helped me identify areas for my personal development. I now have a far better understanding of the similarities and differences I have to others." Andy Kind Professional Comedian,

"Sean Kennedy is an inspiring and motivational life coach. As a Myers-Briggs practitioner, he worked with me to assess and develop the results from a personality test. During a difficult time, his prayer and support enabled me to find the resources to change direction. Thank you, Sean." Manisha - Frankfurt

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