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Frequently asked questions about coaching and development



Confidentiality: Will we tell anyone what was discussed?


Confidentiality and trust is key in all we do.  We have a confidentiality policy/agreement and you can be assured your personal details remain secret and safe.  If you have been required to receive coaching or development by your employer we will not report any details other than any mutually agreed actions.  Confidentiality however has its limits.  If you reveal personal information that suggests that you or someone you know is a risk to other people, we may be required to reveal that information to an appropriate authority.



What makes coaching different from counselling/therapy, mentoring and consultancy?


Coaching is positive and future focused with an emphasis on finding solutions and producing a practical action plan.  It is empowering and helps you to identify and use your strengths and abilities to find a way forward that best suits you.  Counselling or therapy, focuses on helping clients to understand and come to terms with past events, and mitigating the difficult emotions that may be preventing progress in normal daily life.  Mentors have experience of particular fields of expertise and often give specific advice on how something should be done. Often consultants investigate problems, report on them, suggest solutions and sometimes help implement them. 



Isn’t coaching and personal development unbiblical?


We don't use tools that we believe run contrary to scripture. As committed Christians we believe that God wants us to grow as individuals, to discover and use our gifts effectively and to find our place within the body of Christ and the world. Coaching and personal development helps people to do this effectively.  



We believe that Jesus was (and is) the greatest coach and personal and leadership development expert the world has ever seen. Coaching and leadership development can often reveal some of the psychological reasons behind the actions and words of Jesus.


Who is responsible for the outcomes or results?


Coaching and development is an empowering process.  The direction taken will be led by you.  You will decide what actions to take and what decisions to make.  It is ultimately you who is responsible for the outcome.  Coaches will very seldom give specific advice.  Final decisions are always in your hands. Only you know what is most likely to work because you are the person who has the best picture of your own circumstances. 



What happens between coaching sessions?


Following a coaching session, you will have your own action plan to implement.  This may involve trying out new behaviors, strategies and ways of thinking about things.  



Will I have to try things that may feel new or uncomfortable to me?


That depends on you.  Some people like to be really stretched and challenged.  Others want a much more gentle approach. Its good to tell your coach how you want them to work with you.  As a general rule a coach aims to keep you where you are most receptive and able to learn. 



How will I know when the process is finished or successful?


At the beginning of coaching, you will usually decide, with your coach, how many sessions you are likely to need.  Goals are best when they specific and measurable, so you will know when they have been completed.  An effective coach’s goal is not to keep thier clients.  Rather they enable clients to reach their goals quickly, so that the coaching is no longer necessary.   



Does coaching work for everyone?


Not necessarily.  Sometimes people come to us when really they need to see another professional such as a counsellor. We will help people find appropriate help elsewhere if we think we are not qualified to help.  Also a client must be open to taking the necessary steps for the desired outcome to become a reality.  You are the only person that can guarantee your results. 



What happens during a development session?


It involves discussion and the completion of questionnaires that reveal your underlying preferences, behaviors and motivations.  This information is used to create insightful and often fascinating profiles.  Often much of the discovery process can be done privately at home with a bit of guidance, making it inexpensive.  Should you choose, personal/leadership development and coaching, can be powerfully combined to help you put newfound knowledge and strategies into action. 



I know I want help, but I'm not sure what I need. How do I decide?


Simply contact us.  We are good at asking you the right questions that will help you decide what you need, be it coaching, personal or leadership development. If we can assist we will.  If not we will try and refer you to someone else who can.



What about our fees?


Click here for more information about our affordable fees

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