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Inspirational workshops that get results

Courses that Inspire Positive Change and Action

Talks, Seminars & Courses


Our talks, seminars and courses are interactive learning experiences that introduce you new ideas and leave you with practical suggestions to try out. We help people produce action plans that will help them put their learning into practice and ensure lasting change.


Loved, Called, Gifted or Precious, Powerful, Passionate 


Based on our book Loved Called Gifted (which UCB are using for their one minute inspirational shorts), these two similar courses bring thought provoking and life affirming activities to help people grow in confidence and self worth, explore their life calling and begin to deal with some of the things that are getting in their way.  



There are many courses designed to help people discover their spiritual gifts. We do far more. Grounded in the Love of God, these courses invite people on a journey of self-discovery.  We take a holistic view of a person and their spiritual life, drawing on knowledge and research from coaching, psychology, psychotherapy, theology and spiritual direction. 

We recognise that confidence and self worth do not come naturally to many of us. We help people to understand why this is and to do something about it.

Deeply affirming, our courses help people to appreciate themselves for who they are and discover the things that give them life and the difference they want to make in the world. Participants leave inspired with a clear plan for their next steps.

The courses are interactive and include many enjoyable, creative activities to help people think in new ways. 


Loved, Called, Gifted suits adult Christians of all ages and stages of their spiritual journey. It works well as part of discipleship after an Alpha Course and even for those wondering what to do with their retirement. 


Similar in many ways, Precious, Powerful, Passionate covers similar material. It is deeply inclusive and suitable for those of any faith or none. 

Both courses have proven time and again to work well with people from all walks of life.




Our full courses are delivered as seven two hour sessions.  They also work well as a two day retreat. 

We run facilitators' courses if you would like to train to run the courses yourself.


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"This course tackles calling and gifts, not from a traditional view, but from the experience of being human. It is a genuine breath offresh air, challenging, stimulating, and above relational. Relating to myself, to others and to God. Its great, and really worth doing, freeing and releasing. Dare to be human, and to find your potential with God. Do the course!"  Peter Mockford Vicar of Blurton & Dresden, UKCP reg Psychotherapist.

Leadership That Releases


Fed up with old fashioned hierarchical forms of leadership that are no longer working? Does your style of leadership grate against your values? We have much better, more effective, human friendly and Christ like leadership solutions.


Based on our new book Church Uncorked: Leadership that releases our potential, our talks seminars and courses are sure to inspire. Suitable for those with many years of leadership experience or those with none, it takes a fresh dynamic approach to Church leadership. 




Interactive and full of discussions we will share with you knowledge and skills that that will help you develop release others into all God has for them. 


Research Based and Biblical


We bring you the key principles of outstanding leadership from the best research available. We bring practical models and tools inspired by the world of coaching and ethical business, to help you put them into practice. We take a fresh and thought provoking look at what Jesus reveals to us about leadership. 




We can come and do individual interactive talks lasting between an hour and two and a half hours, depending on the topic you want.


Our full workshop is delivered as five two and a half hour seminars over a five week period, or over two and a half days (not including Myers Briggs). We cover:


  • Person Centered Church - Developing a new way leading

  • The five key elements of great leadership

  • Understanding human motivation

  • Communication that gets results

  • Optional Myers-Briggs Personality day


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"The Leadership that Releases course is a fresh, stimulating and thought provoking approach to leadership issues and development. Its principles and ideas are grounded in the spirit of the New Testament, and provides a challenging response to the sometimes stuffy, traditional and institutional view of leadership that very often characterise many of our mainstream churches especially. It can be seen as a radical call to once again embrace spiritually sensitive and people centred  models of leadership. I recommend it." Vicar John Alessi, St Pauls Church Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

The leadership course we teach can be adapted for use within businesses and charities as many of the the priciples  are just as practical and relevant. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities further.

Our Range Of Talks Short Courses and Away Days


We can tailor make individual seminars and away days to meet your needs. Here is some of the things we can offer. 


Team Development


Using the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and/or StrengthsFinder 2.0 we will help your team really start to understand each other build trust and develop relationally. This will improve communication and help everyone know the roles and tasks that each are most suited to. Courses generally run over 2 days.


Communication Skills for Leaders


Between us, we have nearly 30 years experience in the field of communication.  Effective communication is a challenge for teams and organisations of all sizes. We have seen dramatic improvements when teams begin to understand how to communicate effectively with one another. We discuss, active listening skills, powerful questions.


Understanding Human Motivation in a Church Context


Lifting the lid on the motivational black box we ask: What gets people out of bed in the morning raring to go? What stops people in their tracks? We look at what motivational research tells us are the key motivational factors. Ae look at some common motivation myths. And we look at how all this applies to the church.


Reducing and Overcoming Conflict


Conflict management: we look at practical ways to reduce conflict and prevent it before it happens. We look at some often unconsidered sparks. When it does happen there are lots of ways to reduce it. We discuss some simple conflict models that can help us understand what is going on as well as some powerful questions that will help you get to the heart of the issue. As an optional extra combine this with a Myers-Briggs personality day and some active listening skills to deepen skills and understanding. 


Other Things We Love Speaking About



  • Personality and Spirituality: A Myers-Briggs workshop that looks at how our personality type effects the way we outwork our faith.

  • Pathways: Discover the different ways God speaks and which we prefer. 

  • 'True Self/False Self' an interesting and alternative look at character development - dying to self.



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“I found the time to work on our preferred Myers Briggs personality type invaluable. I went on the two days really looking forward to learning lots about my teammates but to my great surprise I also learned a lot about myself. I find the whole process very affirming. At the end of the two days I had a much clearer picture of my strengths and other's strengths, and what roles each of us can best play within the team. I would highly recommend Refuel to others.” Gale Richards, HEBA

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