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Personal one-to-one life coaching, leadership coaching and mentoring


A powerful conversation


When was the last time someone took the time to really listen to you and help you think things through?  We are passionate about coaching.  Coaching is a powerful, focused and often prayerful conversation, centered on you and what you are trying to achieve.  It is guaranteed to bring you fresh perspectives, clarity and direction.  Whether you are an individual or a leader Sean and Catherine love meeting people over coffee and helping them make progress. Coaching also works really well over telephone and Skype too, so distance is not a problem.


Mentoring comes in where you need specific advice. Your coach will only give advice when they have a good knowledge and experience. The rest of the time they will ask helpful questions to help you work things out for yourself. 


One-to-One Coaching:


 Is supportive, encouraging, challenging, insightful and confidential


 Asks insightful questions that will help you determine your own solutions the best way forwards


 Is non-directive and therefore keeps you firmly in the driving seat


 Can help you avoid difficult situations or scenarios or even turn them to your advantage


  Helps you play to your strengths


  Helps you focus on future possibilities, not past failures


 Helps people to be more mentally resourceful, creative and optimistic


✔  Leaves you at the end of each session with a practical action plan


 Works with almost any topic, even if you think it won't.  It can successfully be applied to all sorts of subject areas; even complex issues of which the coach may have little prior knowledge about. 


Leadership Coaching


What does a leadership coach do?


A leadership coach works with you to help you to develop even further as a leader.   People can bring all sorts of goals and objectives to discuss at their coaching session.


Here are a few of the things clients tend to bring to us:


  • Team development

  • Team motivation

  • Missional development

  • Project management

  • Decision making

  • Working with difficult or challenging people

  • Change management

  • Or, any of the following personal one-to-one coaching topics below


Personal Life Coaching


Typically people bring goals in the following areas:

  • Discovering life calling and direction

  • Stress

  • Family or work conflict

  • Career options/direction

  • Workplace bullying

  • Work life balance issues

  • Preparing for difficult meetings 

  • Confidence & Self esteem issues

  • Public speaking

  • Low motivation

  • Personal finances

  • Spiritual development

  • Self sabotaging behaviours

  • Interview preparation

  • Stage performance

  • Living more in line with values and beliefs

  • Negative self talk and self limiting beliefs

  • And many other issues


How does Coaching work?


A coach mainly asks questions that help the person think deeply about their topic/goal.  They help you:


  • Think clearly about what you are wanting to achieve. Note: People often don’t know what they want and that is okay. We can easily work with that.

  • Reflect on the realities of your current situation (i.e. current progress, barriers, your strengths, abilities, resources etc.)

  • Discover a range of creative options you may not have considered.

  • Select the best option and create a practical and realistic action plan.


The process raises self–awareness and motivation and in the end you should have greater clarity, purpose and direction. 


In all of this, the goal for the coach is to work themselves out of a job by helping you to make changes and move forwards without continued assistance.


When desired we can make use of a variety of  personal and /or leadership development tools to increase your knowledge and understanding of yourself and those around you.


We provide introductory sessions at no charge to you. 


We are both Coaching Academy accredited coaches.


Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about coaching.




"Coaching gets you from where you are now to where you want to be, in a way that is uniquely suited to you and far faster than if you tried to work everything out by yourself."

Coaching is about … raising the awareness and generating responsibility for action … unlocking a persons potential to maximise their performance … and helping the client to learn, not teaching them."

Sir John Whitmore

Research by the International Personnel Management Association found that training typically increases productivity by 22%. However, they found that training with the addition of coaching increased productivity by 88%.

Testimonials about our coaching


"Sean suggested working with Catherine to help mediate some tricky communication with a colleague. [My Collegue] was initially skeptical but was wowed by Catherine's depth of expertise and we were able to resolve things -  a great result for everybody involved. Originally I came to Sean having tried to find a Christian business mentor for years but all leads going cold. He persuaded me to try coaching. I was apprehensive (having an irrational mental picture of a P.E. teacher telling me to get down and give him 20 didn't help). But Sean allayed all my fears. He got to the root of my business issues and helped me to knock them down one by one. I am now working better and have more joy and satisfaction in my job than ever before." Rachel Colinson, web design, social media and fundraising consultant, London


"Sean your questions were timely and thoughtful. You helped me process some difficult situations and experience some "light bulb moments," of great clarity. Your questions got to the heart of the issue and there were some clear, helpful, and illuminating challenges." Anne Danks, Church Leader, Zion Christian Centre, (now Foodbank Regional Development Officer for the Trussell Trust)


"Catherine astounded me with her questions that cut to the heart of my issues. Insightful and caring and understanding she helped me organise my disorganised, forgetful and chaotic working life.  She helped me take the shackles off my mind and see things differently in a number of important areas. I will forever be grateful for meeting her." Missional leader, Staffordshire.


I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done Cath – through your sessions you’ve helped me tackle complex and life-changing situations, helped me to look at things a different way and uncovered some startling revelations which will truly stay with me.  I can’t thank you enough for the approach you took in the sessions.  You are an excellent coach.  You have a way with words and a calm, logical and thorough approach to issues which is extremely helpful.” Helen, Personnel Officer


"Sean's enthusiasm and commitment makes me feel valued and my goals important. This in itself made it easy to commit to my actions making them more important and helping me move forward. Sean asks excellent questions. He is good at asking challenging questions when it’s needed. Sean works with a high degree of professionalism. Church Leader,  Stoke-on-Trent


"Sean Kennedy is an inspiring and motivational life coach... During a difficult time, his prayer and support enabled me to find the resources to change direction. Thank you, Sean." Manisha - Frankfurt


"Thank you very much for a great conversation/coaching on Tuesday. I have been reflecting a lot since our discussion. Things that we talked about made connections with things that are happening currently in my life and those that happened in the past.  I have made time to think and talk to Raj.  I have realised these last few days I need to love myself and not just say it……I thank you for giving me your time and helping achieve this because it does really feel great within.  Its like as if I have created space with in me……Once again thank you." Raj, Wolverhampton


"I would like to thank Sean, without whom I would not have had the strength, courage and determination to succeed. Every now and again, in every walk of life, you meet someone who reaffirms your faith in human nature; Sean is one of these very special people sent by God." Natalie Simpson, Social Worker


"I had got myself into a position where I was beginning to doubt my own abilities and needed some encouragement to believe in myself again. Sean helped me improve my confidence which helped me secure an ideal job. With other issues I discovered that the so-called “obstacles” were not as obstructive as I had imagined. This made it easier to move forward with my action plan...

I really appreciated working with Sean is it helped me focus and make significant progress in several areas of my life." J Keane, Cardiff, South Wales


"Sean has a very warm and affirming manner, and through our coaching sessions he enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities, and motivated me to set achievable goals that have had a significant impact on my health and well-being.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sean to anyone as a highly competent life coach.” Carella Davies, Manager, Daventry Volunteer Centre.

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