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Welcome to the Refuel Network


We find and release potential. Providing coaching, mentoring, personal and leadership development and inspirational courses to individuals, leaders, churches, charities and small businesses.

Demotivated? Stuck? Don’t know what to do? Are you needing someone to help you think things through? We can help people think things through from different angles to find their breakthrough. Or, maybe you have a ​team that is not working together as effectively as it could. We have lots of ways to help your team understand and appreciate each other and learn to tap into one anothers skills and thinking. Or maybe are you a leader who is fed up with old fashioned hierarchical forms of leadership that are no longer working? Whatever the issue we can help refuel your tank for the road ahead. 

Loved Called Gifted & Precious Powerful Passionate courses

What would it be like to have a deeper sense of motivation and purpose?


Would you like to discover your unique set of gifts and talents?


Discover the trail of evidence God has already left you about who you are and what you are really good at.

Coaching & Mentoring

Individual,  leadership coaching and mentoring.


✔ Achieve your goals/plans faster and more effectively.

 Change unwanted behaviour.


✔ Find fresh perspectives and think through things from different angles.

Personal, Team or Leadership Development

 Discover who you are and your greatest strenghts.


 Become more personally effective.


 Understand other people better.

✔ Develop as a leader and team player.


✔  Handle conflict better. 

Talks, Seminars &

Improve leadership skills.


Stimulate your church into action. 


Develop your team. 

Our Books and DVDs

Cutting edge books and resources that develop leaders, stimulate thought, creativity and missional action.


"A clear passion for the subject and depth of knowledge. Clear simple slides, easy to understand".  C. Childs, ReAssure, Practical Strategies for Managing and Resolving Conflict seminar for Chartered Institute of Management Accounting

“On behalf of our staff team I want to thank Catherine and Sean most sincerely for leading us so creatively and warmly this week. The whole team really appreciated the 2 days and the time has been most effective in helping [new team members] settle in and for all of us in developing our relationships.” Rev Adrian Argyle, Regional Minister, Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA)


“There is a real sense that we understand each other better and have started to work more effectively as a team. It is  great and will really benefit you individually and as a group. It has the potential to improve your team efficiency.” Amy Wyatt, Assistant Pastor, Swanbank Methodist, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent


"Breadth of Material available, clear explanations - skilful management of contributions. Gave me hope!" (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)

David Greenwood

“I have found this last two days to be helpful in releasing me into my new ministry and also in the team building of our regional team. There has been time to reflect, laugh, listen to one another, share from the heart and be honest with one another. Sean and Catherine have a gentle sensitive leadership style which has been most helpful in facilitating a worthwhile training experience.” Alison MacKay Regional Minister, HEBA


"Sean your questions were timely and thoughtful. You helped me process some difficult situations and experience some "light bulb moments," of great clarity. Your questions got to the heart of the issue and there were some clear, helpful, and illuminating challenges." Anne Danks, former church leader now working for Food Bank.

“I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done Cath – through your sessions you’ve helped me tackle complex and life-changing situations, helped me to look at things a different way and uncovered some startling revelations which will truly stay with me.  I can’t thank you enough for the approach you took in the sessions.  You are an excellent coach.  You have a way with words and a calm, logical and thorough approach to issues which is extremely helpful.” Helen, Personnel Officer

"It was excellent. Lots of content and a lovely relaxed leader who helped the group take manageable steps through the topics. I learned a lot and found a lot of insight. It revealed a number of my flaws to me." (Calming the Storm, conflict resolution workshop)



"The Myers Briggs work Sean did with me gave me a greater awareness of my strengths and my weaknesses. Far from putting me in a box it helped me identify areas for my personal development. I now have a far better understanding of the similarities and differences I have to others." Andy Kind- professional comedian, author.

"Thank you Sean, your comments are very challenging, very well expressed and insightful. You are skilled and possess much knowledge of the human mind. I am sure you will not be surprised that I am in total agreement with you. Thank you for your input and concern. Looking forward to seeing you again."

Paul D.


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Click here and fast forward to 55 min and 30 secs to listen to Catherine Cowell talk about Church Uncorked: Leadership that releases our potential, with Maria Rodrigues on the Woman to Woman show. . 

Listen here to our interview about our book Church Uncorked with Wayne Jacobsen in Califoria. Wayne, who started 'Windblown Media', came to prominance when he published 'The Shack' by William P. Young. We really enjoyed talking to Wayne. He is an excellent and engaging interviewer. 

In the Media
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Listen to Sean And Catherine talking about Loved Called Gifted: A practical guide to discovering you life's calling, on the John Pantry show on Premiere Radio

Premier Radio InterviewJohn Pantry Show
UCB Radio InterviewWith Paul Hammond

Listen to Catherine and Sean interviewed about thier new book Church Uncorked: Leadership that releases our potential on the Paul Hammond Show on UCB radio.

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